Locks/Registered Key System


Whether it’s a standard lock for shed, a mortise lock for your front door or a full blown integrated security master key system.

We have been providing and installing all types of locks and keys for all types of timber, metal, glass, aluminium and even plastic doors and windows. In fact if you need it locking, we can do it.


PES Southern Registered Key System

  • Imagine never being locked out of your managed premises again
  • Imagine never having to replace the locks again due to keys having worn out
  • Imagine losing your keys and having a replacement within 4 hours
  • Imagine having as many locks as you require working to the same key
  • Imagine being able to restrict the amount of keys your tenants can obtain
  • Imagine not having to change the locks when a change of tenants takes place
  • Imagine a system that has limitless formula and applications

PES Southern Registered Key System Application Form

And finally imagine ordering a registered key by number online and having it in your hand whenever you want it.

No registration cards
No personal appearances
Just fill in a simple online form 
Safe, Proven and Protected

The Gege System pExtra is protected by the following patents intill 2022:

  • Europe Publication No. EP1362153
  • International patents registered under WO 03/004806
  • Design Protection until 2030
  • Extra protection against picking
  • Extra protection against drilling
  • Extra protection against the “Bumping Method”
  • Extra protection against illegal duplicate keys

Extra safety for you

Duplicate keys may only be produced by PES Southern Limited.