Registered Key System


  • Imagine never being locked out of your managed premises again
  • Imagine never having to replace the locks again due to keys having worn out
  • Imagine losing your keys and having a replacement within 4 hours
  • Imagine having as many locks as you require working to the same key
  • Imagine being able to restrict the amount of keys your tenants can obtain
  • Imagine not having to change the locks when a change of tenants takes place
  • Imagine a system that has limitless formula and applications

PES Southern Registered Key System Application Form

And finally imagine ordering a registered key by number online and having it in your hand whenever you want it.

No registration cards
No personal appearances
Just fill in a simple online form 
Safe, Proven and Protected

The Gege System pExtra is protected by the following patents intill 2022:

  • Europe Publication No. EP1362153
  • International patents registered under WO 03/004806
  • Design Protection until 2030
  • Extra protection against picking
  • Extra protection against drilling
  • Extra protection against the “Bumping Method”
  • Extra protection against illegal duplicate keys

Extra safety for you

Duplicate keys may only be produced by PES Southern Limited.